I Love You, Salt!

I've been part of a longitudinal blood pressure study since I was about six years old. The researchers at the University of Minnesota recently invited me to an in depth examination during which they asked me hundreds of questions about my diet.

  1. Do I eat Doritos? No.
  2. Do I eat at McDonalds? No.
  3. Do I drink pop? No.

And so on. Page after page. No. No. No. No. That is, until we got to salt. Yay! I said, Yes, I eat a lot of salt! And I put a 10 by the question just for fun. The nurse was surprised. And then I told her that I love salt so much, I made a film about it called SALT IN THE AIR. Is this a vice? I don't think so!  We are very lucky to have salt in abundance, and such good salt! I love Maldon salt. Yum.

But salt is more serious than taste and enjoyment. Without it, we would not be here. In other words, salt is equal to air and water. And like air and water, salt is the earth made palatable. We cannot live without it, nor can any other form of life. Below is a photo of a wall of salt in the salt mine's at Solotvyno, where my film takes place. Salt mines are a bit frightening and immense. Hopefully the film will premiere soon so you can see what I mean!